From a Business and Professional viewpoint, the Extended DISC® Assessment System provides information that has been proven to help:

  • Lead your Team and the Organisation better

  • Increase Sales and Productivity on all levels

  • Develop the best business model 

  • Make sure your Team is 100% aligned with your goals

  • Develop the performance and skills of your Team

  • Communicate much more effectively with your Team

  • Place Team members in the best roles for them

  • Reduces costly turnover of the employee revolving door

  • Retain your most valued Team members

  • Understand and develop your organisations culture


From a personal point of view there are also major benefits.

We all behave in different ways in different situations. E-DISC® identifies our natural behaviour patterns giving us insights into how and why we react the way we do and allows us to:

  • Know the natural tendencies of different types of people

  • Know how you can be better understood

  • Know what you need to work on for greater success

  • Recognise what motivates different people so that you can encourage them in a way that's effective.

  • Create better personal relationships

E-DISC® is also a powerful tool for couples to build and strengthen relationships as it fosters a greater understanding of each persons communication style. No more wondering if your spouse is from a different planet sometimes, now you can understand their language and vice versa.

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