It is the most effective Behavioural Profiling tool available – it is NOT a Personality Profile, which makes it far more valuable.

Personality Profiling is a fixed profile. It’s a label and its based on, what you see is what you get, and it cannot be changed.

Behavioural Profiling on the other hand is flexible. It describes the person's natural reaction or behavioural style in different situations. It doesn’t classify people into good or bad or limit a person's ability to develop in another direction or work environment. Quite the opposite in fact as it can give people the tools to excel where they need to professionally and personally.

A Personality Profile will tell Jack that he is suited to being a Butcher, a Baker or a Candlestick Maker and leaves room for nothing else – but what if Jack wants to be a Doctor or a Lawyer? E-DISC® will show Jack how he can tap into other behaviours that may not be a part of his natural profile, in order to achieve his dreams.

Or a Personality Profile may show the Manager that Sophie is not a Team player which is why she may be struggling in her role. E-DISC®, however, will show Sophie where she can adjust her behavioural style in order to get the best job done as an effective part of the Team.

Another thing that sets E-DISC® apart from your standard profiling tools such as Myers-Briggs and the classic DISC, that only measure just 16 variations of behaviour, E-DISC® identifies 160 different behavioural patterns and with millions of profiles completed worldwide, it is statistically validated.



Initial Profile - $497

Subsequent Profiles - $247

Team Profiles - POA