Your Essential Business Health Check Tool

Sometimes knowing exactly where to start improving your business can be hard to do but with the right set of questions you can have an excellent start point. We have created this Business Health Check Tool to take some of the guesswork out and to give you a solid starting point. Simply click on the image to get started.

The Wheel of Life

Use this tool to find out what areas of your life need improving in order for you to create that 'Balance' that works for you.

When you construct your wheel, imagine that it's going to go on a car - if it's not as perfectly round as you can get it then it's going to be a very bumpy ride.

Click the wheel for your free download.

The Wheel of Business

Exactly the same as the Wheel of Life but instead the focus is on sections of your business. 

Where can you see it working, what's not working and what things do you need to improve in order to have a smoother ride.

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Values Exercise

Add a heading (1).png

Often what can stop some people from moving forward is not knowing what is important to them. 

You need to work out what it is you Value in order to really understand what you want out of life.

By doing the Values Exercise you will begin to understand more of what makes you tick which can give you greater clarity in your Life and your Business. Click the Key to unlock your download.