Holly & Steve

Having a partner in business can be challenging but also very rewarding when you approach it with the right mindset. This is not only for couples who are romantically linked but also for those in business with family.

Let us be very clear – Mindset is extremely important to success and when you’re a couple or family, it is critical to develop the same mindset for long term success.

This is not to say that you need to think the same as the other person but it is certainly necessary to have the same values and beliefs or at least to have an understanding of the other persons values and beliefs.

Imagine if you were starting on this business and self-development odyssey but the significant other was not going along with you. How much of a gap could that create in the way things are done?

This is where both myself and Steve, can help. We grew two businesses from the ground up and still maintained a great relationship in an environment where many others fail.


Because we recognised that we couldn’t do it from different directions or without help.

We sought out the best business mentors and coaches to assist us and during it all we realised an extremely valuable lesson.

If you don’t have your personal shit together then nothing works well.

So how can we help?

We can assist you work out strategies for your Business long term, such as marketing, planning, your team, your culture and your financial IQ. On top of this we can help you navigate where you both sit in the business and more importantly your life outside of the business (yes there is such a thing!) and this can be around kids, family, time for you, anything that’s holding you back and why it is that you’re in business in the first place.