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The #1 Thing That Helps Clients Move Forward

Okay, it’s a fairly bold statement but it’s also true. Time and time again, I have found that my clients who have had the most transformational changes are the ones who have stuck to this principle.

It’s simple. They accept the fact that they are the cause of everything that happens in their life.

Very few people take ownership - which part of the pie are you?

Now before some of you try and shut me down and tell me that can’t possibly be true, think about it for a moment.

If we accept the fact that we are the cause of everything that happens to us, can you see that this actually gives us incredible power? That if we are in control of what’s happening, we now have the power to control our own lives, our own happiness, who we hang with, the work we do and the joy that’s in our lives.

You see, most people don’t live at Cause, they live at Effect. They live as though everything is happening to them and what a miserable way to live that must be! Being buffeted and thrown around by life having no control, being at the mercy of the Universe and everyone else.

With this mindset you’ll never get ahead because you won’t be able to take charge, instead you’re just waiting for someone to come and take charge of you. To come up and offer you that magic pill that you’ve been sitting around waiting for that will make all of your problems disappear.

So how do you think that’s working for you?

Bottom line is, if you want a better job go out and get it or study for the one you want. Want better relationships? Then find better people to hang with or actively work out why your current ones aren’t working.

Want better health and fitness?

Then for goodness sake stop sitting around waiting for

science to come up with a way for you to achieve this while you sit on the couch!

Basically taking responsibility and living your life accordingly is the way forward to everything you could wish for and the choice is yours - so which direction are you going to take?

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