• Holly Little

The 5 Questions that will move your life forward

Before we get into the 5 Questions, it’s probably important to know what sort of questions will actually hold you back so you also know what not to ask. Once you’re aware of these you can’t help but stop yourself asking them, because you will now know, that asking those questions will be putting you on the path to a second-rate life, and who wants to do that!

So let’s look at the type questions that will keep you stuck where you are, or even worse, send you backwards.

These are usually ‘Why?’ questions. ‘Why me?’, Why is this happening?’ ‘Why can’t I………?’ The problem with these is that they’re usually framed as statements which means that we have no interest in having them answered, they’re just a way in which we can indulge in our own self pity and remain stuck where we are. I’m sure you can think of examples where you’ve done this yourself and they come quickly, easily and unconsciously and it’s all focusing on the negative aspect of what is happening with no movement for change.

Now here are the power questions, the 5 questions that you can ask in any situation, that are going to drive you forward.

1. What is really happening here? – this one is actually quite difficult to do as it requires us to break down our own beliefs and boundaries that may be colouring our perception of different events.

2. What do I need to do differently? – In every situation there are always options we just need to be open to standing back and really seeing all the possibilities that exist. This doesn’t mean you’re going to like those options but remember without change there can be no growth.

3. What do I need to help this change? – Often this is the pursuit of knowledge and being willing to go outside of what you already know. However remember that with this one, knowledge is not power unless you also act on it.

4. Who do I need with me? – sometimes we just have to face the fact that we can’t always do it alone and further to that we also need to be surrounded by the right people. You know the ones that lift you up and don’t drag you down. It’s a hard fact in life that sometimes we need to be brutal and cut people out of our lives where it’s not serving us.

5. What do I really want? – Sometimes we get frustrated with life and the universe because we’ve never really stopped to think about what it is we really want or what’s really important to us. Have you ever really thought about what you’d like your life to look like maybe five years from now? If not then maybe you should start because it’s really hard to know what to aim for if we don’t have a map.

So next time you’re feeling stuck, give these a go and we promise that if you do, you will definitely be so much further ahead with your life than you were before.

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